Users have different abilities depending on the access level they have in a particular group or project.

If a user is both in a project group and in the project itself, the highest permission level is used.

If a user is a GitLab administrator they receive all permissions.

To add or import a user, you can follow the project users and members documentation.


Action Guest Reporter Developer Master Owner
Create new issue
Leave comments
Pull project code
Download project
Create code snippets
Manage issue tracker
Manage labels
Manage merge requests
Create new merge request
Create new branches
Push to non-protected branches
Force push to non-protected branches
Remove non-protected branches
Add tags
Write a wiki
Create new milestones
Add new team members
Push to protected branches
Enable/disable branch protection
Turn on/off prot. branch push for devs
Rewrite/remove git tags
Edit project
Add deploy keys to project
Configure project hooks
Switch visibility level
Transfer project to another namespace
Remove project
Force push to protected branches
Remove protected branches


In order for a group to appear as public and be browsable, it must contain at least one public project.

Any user can remove themselves from a group, unless they are the last Owner of the group.

Action Guest Reporter Developer Master Owner
Browse group
Edit group
Create project in group
Manage group members
Remove group