Integrate your server with

Import projects from and login to your GitLab instance with your account.

To enable the OmniAuth provider you must register your application with will generate an application ID and secret key for you to use.

  1. Sign in to

  2. Navigate to your profile settings.

  3. Select "Applications" in the left menu.

  4. Select "New application".

  5. Provide the required details.

    • Name: This can be anything. Consider something like "<Organization>'s GitLab" or "<Your Name>'s GitLab" or something else descriptive.
    • Redirect URI:

    The first link is required for the importer and second for the authorization.

  6. Select "Submit".

  7. You should now see a Client ID and Client Secret near the top right of the page (see screenshot). Keep this page open as you continue configuration. GitLab app

  8. On your GitLab server, open the configuration file.

    For omnibus package:

      sudo editor /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb

    For instalations from source:

      cd /home/git/gitlab
      sudo -u git -H editor config/gitlab.yml
  9. See Initial OmniAuth Configuration for initial settings.

  10. Add the provider configuration:

    For omnibus package:

      gitlab_rails['omniauth_providers'] = [
          "name" => "gitlab",
          "app_id" => "YOUR_APP_ID",
          "app_secret" => "YOUR_APP_SECRET",
          "args" => { "scope" => "api" }

    For installations from source:

      - { name: 'gitlab', app_id: 'YOUR_APP_ID',
        app_secret: 'YOUR_APP_SECRET',
        args: { scope: 'api' } }
  11. Change 'YOUR_APP_ID' to the Application ID from the application page.

  12. Change 'YOUR_APP_SECRET' to the secret from the application page.

  13. Save the configuration file.

  14. Restart GitLab for the changes to take effect.

On the sign in page there should now be a icon below the regular sign in form. Click the icon to begin the authentication process. will ask the user to sign in and authorize the GitLab application. If everything goes well the user will be returned to your GitLab instance and will be signed in.